Tuesday, 3 January 2017

4 Things I Like About Adult Chatting - One Is My Favorite

OMG! I Love Chatting and Here's Why

Some of you are probably wondering what makes chat so great. Yeah, you hear stories. What is at the core of it, though? What ultimately makes "chatting" better than almost anything else?
It's the voice. It's always the voice. It doesn't matter if your are having sex in real time or just talking on the phone, it's the voice that will attract the person every time. Ask any male. They will tell you that it's the voice on the other end that takes them to the point of no return.

Use Your Own Voice to Entice Your Partner 

1) The idea is to build up the momentum. This goes for your voice too. You don't want to start off too strong. Train your voice to take it slowly. If you don't, you will be finished before you begin.
2) Use your voice to discuss certain scenarios and positions. This one is probably the favorite on the list. If you say something in the right tone and place, you will have your man in the palm of your hand, even if just over the phone. Sex operators use this technique all the time. Why not you?

Getting What you Want!

3) Sometimes you have to tell your partner where you want the conversation to go. In other words, give some directions. Use your voice to place an emphasis on the right parts. It's like landing a plane on a field. Sometimes you have to prepare the runway for delivery. Use different types of seductions in your voice. Begin slowly and take it from there. Men are visual creatures, so are some women. Sometimes you have to give them a place to go.
4) Nothing turns people on more than hearing what you are doing on the other end. The trick is to make it romantic, even if it's not. Your voice will guide you. If you are undressing, then describe it. If you are getting ready for a hot bath, then tell him. This is your time to tell him a story, so make it a good one. There's nothing hotter on the phone than hearing your partner getting wet. This will give him something to sink his teeth into.
Adult chatting is your chance to shine. There's a difference between talking the talking and walking the walk. Don't be afraid to break the chains and let your lips and voice do both.

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