Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Funny Story of How Curiosity Expanded My Vocabulary!

We All Have Curiosity Inside Us!

I guess you could say I have always been inquisitive. Sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me. That may not always end up being something positive, but sometimes it can be quite funny.

What Can I Say, I Like to Test My Limits.

Recently, on a dare, I went onto a foreign dating site to see if I could hook up with some dark and mysterious stranger who would understand me. I am not one to mince words and decided that a short quirky phrase was the best approach to the language barrier.

Want To Get Frisky? - Short & Sweet, Right To The Point!

I went to Google translator and typed in the phrase and chose Swahili. Sounded like a plan. The text came back. It read, “ Wanaka Gupta Frisky?” I couldn’t help but laugh at the way that sounded when pronounced in English and so it began. My obsession with finding the funniest Google translations for this phrase.

Top marks go to Chichewa which sounds so dirty, there doesn’t need much of an explanation. Ndikufuna Kutenga Frisky? "Mind if I come and get you frisky". That works. What kind of language is Chichewa in the first place?

Apparently, there are many languages I have never heard of. I guess I should have taken a Geography class instead of engaging in adult phone chat online. Might not have been such a bad idea after all. Hey don’t knock it, I make lots of money texting and chatting to strangers. I don't know about you but I am pretty sure that Google doesn't always translate languages properly.

Some of  These Sound Pretty Kinky to Me.

Vle jwenn Semi yan? - Do you want a seaman? What kind of Creole is this?
Nais mo bang Maka Kuh a Frisky? No, I do not want to take part in a Filipino gang bang. Scratch that one.

I think the Georgian language is cute and cuddly, but these pictures might attract the wrong age. გსურთ მიიღოთ Frisky?

Hawaiians do have a way with words, I am pretty sure I can "make love" happen. Makemake e loaa Frisky?

I am not sure if I am asking for a date or going for Margaritas in Corsican but I am down for either. Vogghiu marità Frisky?

An Irish girl with a Welsh background, I thought I would find these languages easier to decipher.
Guess what, wrong again. Eisiau Frisky? I say, "Is you frisky?" sounds more like Bugs Bunny than Welsh. Want a fháil Frisky? This is Irish for what.... So Much For That Idea!.

Speaking of striking out. I am not going to get into the pen with these potential  phone chat dates anytime soon. Szeretné, hogy Frisky? I can smell a Hungarian Hoggie for miles.

Perhaps the Icelandic people should stop pulling on the pig all day. Langar þig til að fá frisky? I am not even going to mention the food fetish activities happening in Hausa. So samun kansa ilimi sakamako?

Now Here Are Some Interesting Ones!

Batla ho Frisky? From a language called Sesotho, one can only assume the worst.
I know a little bit of French and I read between the lines of this Gaelic term. Queres recibir frisky? Where do I want to receive the frisky? I am already way over my head on this one. Like the Indonesian say,“Ingin mendapatkan Frisky?” I better get packing before I do get frisked lol!

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